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Welcome to Sunset Patio Restoration Co!

Teak Wood is a beautiful option for outdoor desert living spaces

Sunset Patio Restoration Co., specializes in the care, maintenance and design of your outdoor spaces. From pool side, dining patios, exterior kitchen spaces to courtyards, we cover everything outdoors.

Arizona boast the most beautiful weather for the majority of the year. But too often we forget that we need to care of our exterior furnishing and fixtures so that we can get the most enjoyment from them. Over time, the desert sun, wind and rain takes its toll on your outdoor surfaces. They begin cracking, chipping, peeling, fading and rotting. Without proper care, our exteriors become dirty, with dried out, crusty cushions. Soft surface replacements are costly and so is repainting or sand blasting your iron work.

Your outdoor furniture and fixtures need to be cleaned and maintained just as you care for the interior of your home. Exterior furnishings are not indestructible. Desert Exteriors takes the time to inspect your maintenance needs and will recommend the best schedule for you to keep everything in tip top shape and ready for your enjoyment year round.

We offer cleaning of all surfaces from iron to teak and resin materials using the best industry practices. Additional services include restoring faded iron work including gates and doors, the care of teak and other wood surfaces and general outdoor management of your property. Additionally we can design of your exterior spaces to get the most out of your seating and entertainment areas for year around or for your special entertainment needs.

Let us remind you how much you love your outdoor spaces by calling and scheduling a free inspection today!

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