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Patio and Cushion Care: Doing what We Do Best

Sunset Patio Restoration Co is the Valley's only service that is dedicated to the Patio and Cushion Care of your outdoor furniture and spaces, It's all we do!

We don't clean the interior of barbeques, or power wash anything, We don't clean carpet or use carpet cleaning processes to clean your cushions, We specialize in the patio and cushion care of all outdoor furniture, from frames to patio cushion cleaning. We follow best practices and industry protocols from Sunbrella, Tempotest, Outdura and other quality outdoor fabrics and never take shortcuts to provide you with the cleanest freshest cushions possible. We only hand wash your cushions!

In most cases, our cleaning and care processes exceed those of the manufacturers of Cast Aluminum, Wrought Iron and Teak brands. Patio Furniture stores throughout the Valley routinely recommend Sunset Patio Restoration CO for the patio, cushion and frame care to their clients.

Cushion Cleaning

Restoration Hardware Teak and Sunbrella Cushions
Clean Sunbrella Cushions

The Frame Work

We never just clean a cushion without cleaning the frames too! Why would you put a beautiful clean cushion onto a dirty rain splashed frame? We wouldn't. Your frames will get a soft wash and wax using the best product for YOUR furniture, or other treatments as needed before we reinstall your freshly hand washed cushions. Do you think we are done...? Not yet!

Door transitions,, frames and hardware get cleaned too, So do the bottoms of window frames, followed by outdoor granite and tile counters, BBQ exteriors, stainless drawer exteriors, BBQ hoods, cabinets, sinks, heaters, pottery exteriors, art installments, Doors, Gates and Coach Lights. and other decorator items.

Patio And Cushion Care
Saving Old Patio Furniture

The Process

We will move through your property just like we do every home regardless of size We use the same process's and methods that make our service thorough. What might take you an entire day or weekend, or eventually just gave up on, we can generally complete on average in three to five hours. Giving you back the outdoor spaces you love with out all the work.

We Proudly Serve the finest homes in Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale and areas in between. Call today to book a free in home inspection. 951-808-2951

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