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Patio Furniture Care: Protecting Your Investment

You just purchased new patio furniture and you're told it is "indestructible" and it will last forever!

I am here to tell you that without regular care and maintenance, it will not. And depending on the finish, after one or two years, you maybe looking at sun-faded, chipped and dried out patio furniture. So how can you protect your investment and keep it looking great for years to come? Here are a few tips to help you keep all of your exterior surfaces and materials looking good!

Patio Chair
Sun Faded and Oxidized Patio Chair

When not in use or during off season keep furniture covered or stored. Every minute that your furniture is under cover is that much longer it will stay looking like new. Wax your metal furniture with a high quality paste wax with a UV protectant. This will help prevent fade and oxidation as well as help make your furniture easier to clean with simple wipe downs.

THis Chair has Been Restored By Sunset Patio Restoration Co
Restored Patio Chair

For Teak furniture, it is necessary to keep it dry. Teak will do best and stay mold free when kept in the sunshine. During wet weather keep your teak stored or covered if it will not be able to dry quickly.

Teak Table after it was Cleaned  Sanded and Oiled
Teak Dining Table

Depending on the climate Teak needs to be kept oiled. For very dry climates like the southwest, oil no less than quarterly. You can do quick touch ups on exposed or upward facing areas as needed.

In the off season keep your cushions stored or under cover. I keep my cushions tipped up if it is going to rain for quick drying during monsoon season.

Clean cushions annually; semi annually if you live in an area where they will get dirtier, such as large lots, near open spaces or on acreage. Even though most cushions do have zippers, they are NOT meant to be removed and put into the washing machine. Getting the covers back on after washing can be nearly impossible. Always follow manufacturer cleaning directions. Clean your cushions with a drop of Dawn dish soap to a bucket of water and a soft bristle brush. Rinse well, stand on end and allow to dry.

Cushions  Before and After Cleaning
Sunbrella Cushions

Do not use harsh abrasives on ANY of your furnishings. Dawn Dish Soap and a soft cloth or soft bristle brush for woven furnishings and Teak will do fine. ( Do NOT over scrub or pressure wash Teak it can cause a raised grain! )

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