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MOVING? Should You Move Your Patio Furniture?

You're moving, and if you're like most people, your patio furniture stays with the home, and you absorb the furniture from the new home. But is that a good idea right now?

Now, more than ever it is important to take a deep dive into the patio furniture of the home you will be purchasing before you decide to convey your current outdoor furniture with the sale of your current home.

Even though we seem to be out of the pandemic, we have not come close to recovering regarding the supply chain. We would think that manufacturers would be catching up with demand, but they are not. The situation is worsening and the lead times for higher end furniture has deepened.

Manufactures such as OWLee, Tropitone, Sunset West, Brown Jordan, have lead times of up to a year and a half. This makes inspecting the patio furniture of your potential new home critical. If you are new to the southwest, if you’re buying a home based solely on photos, or an agents walk through, I can tell you may be disappointed when you arrive. Even doing your own walk through, you probably are not going to look at furniture the way we do.

Recently a regular client purchased a new property, literally around the corner from her current home. When I arrived for an inspection to give her new maintenance pricing, we were in for a big surprise. The furniture was a high-quality brand, but was older, never had any real care and generally was a disaster. I found that none of the cushions were not salvageable. The finish on all the furniture was gone, Resin material furniture was also no longer salvageable. Sadly, my client had already sold her home and conveyed all of her outdoor furniture with the property, leaving her with very little to work with. Lead times for her design style are no less than a year and a half, and possibly 2 years out!

If you would like to avoid this nightmare, I can help! I am offering a consult service to home buyers. I will do a deep dive on the furniture of the property you are potentially going to purchase. I will photograph each piece, give you brand names, the condition of the frames, cushions, and how much time you have before you need to purchase new. I will also provide you the cost of cleaning and or restoration if it needs those services. (Most do)

Now, more than ever it is important to look more closely at what you will be purchasing. Most homeowners do not have any idea of the condition of their furniture, its age or even how to begin to care for it.

So, before you buy something that is not going to meet your needs, let Sunset Patio Restoration give you the peace of mind that your purchase will be worth it.

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