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Caring for Metal Patio Furniture

Caring for your metal patio furniture is important from the day of purchase.

The store you bought your furniture from may have told you it is "indestructible." In the sense that it will not fall apart, that is probably and accurate statement. However, the finish on either aluminum or iron can and will fade, oxidize, flake or peel over time if it is not properly cared for. Look at it in the same way you do your car. If your never washed or waxed your car, it may still run great, but it probably wouldn't look so hot.

Most manufacture warranties suggest an annual to semi annual cleaning, with only an annual wax. That is not nearly enough for the environment here in Arizona. With out following your warranty at the minimum, should you have finish issues, your product may not be warranted and could fall under "Customers failure to maintain." And when we are talking about very high end products, the manufacture will do what they can to prevent giving you new $5000.00 table.

So, as someone who works on exterior surfaces everyday what do I suggest and how do I care for my clients metal patio furniture?

I have clients on schedules from quarterly or bi-monthly and they get the same treatment every time. I use three products just to clean frames. I use Dawn Dish Soap, and an all purpose cleaner, together with warm water, and I follow that after drying with a high quality wax.

In a bucket I add a few drops of soap, and one half cup of Fabuloso. The frames are thoroughly washed using microfiber towels and allowed to dry. I follow up with a high quality super hydrophobic nano wax. The wax fills microscopic pits, minor scratching, adds shine and gloss, sheets off water and prevents fading, oxidizing and water spots.

So no, it isn't rocket science, but it's a chore that not everyone want's to do or can do.

Completing this service on a regular basis gives you better footing in the event you have to go against the warranty on your patio furniture investment. Additionally, your space looks great all the time and subsequent cleanings become easier. Over time, your furniture actually will begin to look better. An additional perk to scheduled cleaning, it keeps the scent of animals away and you will find less and less rodent activity on and around your patio furniture.

Part of my job is also to monitor the condition of your furniture, fixtures and equipment. In the event I see any issues I document them with notes and photos and notify the owners or house managers immediately.

We provide services for properties of all types, including restaurants, offices with outdoor spaces, apartments and condos. So before you decide to replace your outdoor furniture, call us and let's see if we can restore what you have for a fraction of the cost!

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