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Outdoor Cleaning Procedures

Sunset Patio Restoration Co has always prided itself in making your outside spaces clean and ready for your use. Know that when we leave your property that your spaces are clean and ready for you and your family to safely enjoy!

During this time will continue using products that are EPA approved to kill bacteria and viruses! All surfaces, hard and soft are cleaned with a combination of soap and a disinfectant then allowed to dry before following up with the restoration or waxing process.

For cushion cleaning services, cushions are cleaned using the manufacturers recommended process, rinsed and allowed to dry in the sun before reinstalling on your freshly cleaned patio furniture.

We are pros at Social Distancing! Your presence is not needed for either the inspection process or cleaning. We rarely come into contact with our clients due to the nature of the work. Our hands are constantly in the cleaning solution through out your service.

We clean all exterior door handles, doors, doorbell / call buttons and frames too! If it is outside and reachable, it gets cleaned, with the exception of BBQ interiors, windows and view glass.

Sunset Patio Restoration Co is giving new meaning to the term "Safe Space." Call today to schedule your free inspection appointment! 951-808-2951 or find us on Facebook and click on our booking tool and choose "Inspection" for your service.

Stay safe, healthy and enjoy your new found family time!

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